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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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i think this is a big mistake. it is obvious he is lying to us. i think he is very embarrassed. we have to take -- take care of us first. we have different things. i am very disappointed with this. i am sorry to be nervous. i cannot accept this. i am very embarrassed for myself. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors.
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i raised three children in san francisco as a struggling single mother. all three of my children know more than one homicide victim. this is unacceptable. i do not see my supervisor here. i hope you will convey our public comments to her. she was addressing the public comment of homicides. there is no more pressing issue. since january 13, ross was my supervisor in district 5 when we had the crisis. this is why we need our share for reinstated now. he has the public's safety track record that we need in our sheriff. we are losing ground. lives are being lost. we are sitting in here and
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talking and people are bearing children right now. they are being lost to senseless violence. i implore you to respect the citizens of san francisco by reinstating the sheriff. the mayor violated our civil rights. he talked about the process. as a constituent, i have never felt so does respected, all with my tax dollars. the city attorneys have failed miserably in their attempt at making a case against him because there is nothing. the only misconduct is the mayor said officially exited city hall during a bomb threat. he let all of you sit in here. i hope all of you are getting the petition signatures. i am not alone. this is the voice of san francisco. we want our share of reinstated and we want him reinstated now.
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>> next speaker. >> i lived in san francisco in the mission district. i see all of these issues as related. the attack on sheriff mirkarimi, trying to remove him from an office that he was elected to, the attacks on the poor and working-class people that need to have the resources of city college so that they can build a viable future for themselves and their family. it is all related. it is basically a war against the poor. i want you to remember what it was like when you were young and struggling. where would you be without education? would you be able to get the degrees that allows you to have the profession that allows you to save up the money to run for office?
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every night, san francisco gets attacked by the police. recently, they had a solidarity march. what are we doing? we shipped the jobs over the sea is so we have no manufacturing base and no blue-collar jobs. years and years of college only to graduate with debt and huge student loans they cannot pay back. there are jobs that allow you to get certificates. the college sued be a beacon of hope in the lives of these young people. we need to give them something instead of just relegating them to protest in the streets. please do something for the young people. >> thank you. next speaker. >> buenos noches, supervisors.
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[seaking spanish] >> i am going to try to translate. she says good evening and thank you for having her here. she lives in the valley. she was not expecting to give testimony. here she is to give testimony. >> [speaking spanish] >> she says that what she sees here is a huge in justice for our sheriff. our sheriff was democratic -- a democratically elected to serve sentences go.
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-- san francisco. >> [speaking spanish] >> she does not understand what is going on with the huge waste of tax dollars at the hearings and all of the money and wasted tax dollars at the hearing for our democratically elected sheriff. >> [speaking spanish] >> and she says she is not an attorney, but this is all a huge injustice. she does not understand what is going on. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> she says that as a mother, she does not understand how his family is surviving in such an expensive city. they have no income. they have been separated this entire time. she thinks that he should be reinstated. >> [speaking spanish] >> she was there on june 29 and does not understand what happened. she hopes to get some answers on what happened june 29. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> she wants to leave in your hearts and minds that what is just is to reinstate the sheriff. >> [speaking spanish] >> and he wants to work with children and family and parents. we are losing time and the work is not getting done because he is not in office. >> thank you for letting me translate. i did the best that i could. it was not perfect. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. good evening, ladies and
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gentlemen in the chamber tonight. i was not actually going to come. i am very, very proud to live in this city as i observe the comments from many people tonight from different cultures, different races, and different is very commendablt is truly an exercise in i hope that students from high school will see the last hour of whatever went on here today. it is truly a very democratic process. it is something that we are all striving for in our society. i am very touched by the cross section of the diverse population that is in support of ross. i am not familiar with most of you. i do not see it with any of you. maybe there was an exception for somebody that was at the maucao.
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i thought it was interesting that he has a diverse population that truly believe in him. i am glad that some people were taking notes because they have higher aspirations. with the business of you voting, i am very picul by it. four of you should not vote anyway. you have found to be in official misconduct. if you were to vote, i think that would be a violation of the city charter with ethics. only 7 of you can vote out of the 11. you know you do not have the votes. you know you cannot pass judgment on ross for something that you are facing. i hope you remember the oath you
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took as an officer and elected politician. >> thank you. >> good evening, supervisors. it has been a very long day. my name is carlos. i am also a student in this system. it is a very important issue that is in front of you today. i hope that you will dial into it. on august 6 there is a very important board of trustees meeting. jack scott will meet with the board of trustees. nancy pelosi sent one of her important attendance at the last meeting. the chance of the mission statement being trucked to the point where there is the lumber anything this is very, very possible.
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but creditors are coming down very hard and very fast. i would like to cordially extend an invitation to all of you to come to the august board of trustees meeting or at a minimum send one of your lieutenants. get dialed into this issue and support the parcel tax and do whatever you can in order to free up funds. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> your bags are packed, you are ready to go. you can text your significant earned vacation. i hope you plan to spend at least part of it in san francisco. you can attend a giants game at
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at&t park. i want you to imagine that you see a huge locomotive jumped the tracks and head right at you. the engineer is your worst political enemy. imagine that you have the ability to stop that train. i think in of the analogy i am making. the prosecution of ross mirkarimi has become a runaway train. what you are enjoying your vacation, your friend and former colleague will be forcing back train. if that train continues in the way it is going now, who knows who will be next? that standard of decency that is so clearly defined in our city charter. have a good time. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> i am larry. i am here to remind you that we need k2 radio station. that gives us education. it is from the city college of san francisco. i painted the picture of malcolm x. i praise the effort with the girls kissing at city college. basically, this is important. this is a man right here. this is avery. people have been telling you about death and killing today. we are in a community united against violence. go online and get san francisco
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public defender and 626 and find out what happened to me in court. i said -- saw a judge. ladies and gentlemen, and go over to the library and learn about the treasured strip -- cigar box. this is the beginning of the modern-day global corporations. tobacco, sugar, and slaves. we are closing down a medical marijuana place that people really need. small business, violence, it does not do any of those things. long live the queen. she taught us at the olympics that all countries have to salute the tree. long live the queen in case our
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kings and queens do not get it right. >> at this time, in general public comment is closed. this is when we go to our adoption counter. >> item 63 a m through 72 are being considered for immediate adoption. this will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. >> would anyone like to separate any items? >> item 67. >> 67. >> supervisor jim? >> 68. >> any others. 71. >> mr. president, 65. >> and 65. i already severed that out. why do we not take a roll call
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on the balance of the items which are items 63, 64, 66, 69, and 70. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. . aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> the resolutions are adopted. item 65. >> a resolution designating a tax collector as diaz city voting delegate and mark farrell as the alternate voting delegate. >> i think we need to excuse supervisor farrell for the motion he is putting forth.
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motion by a supervisor elsbernd, seconded by supervisor chu. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> there are 10 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted. item 67. >> a resolution urging san francisco elected officials to support the city college of san francisco in maintaining its mission as a community college and finding new revenue sources. >> thank you, president. we have heard from a number of people, especially from the
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public. i would move that we refer this to committee so that we continue the dialogue. my colleagues had a question about the parcel tax reference. hopefully, we will find the new coalition that is formed by students at city college could work on their efforts to bring issues to us. people talk about the critical moment support and city college. people emphasize that there are 90,000 students in the college system. it is a tremendously diverse system, a very democratic. the mission has honed in on 14 different recommendations. i know that they will be discussing what we have at the board of supervisors. we will be looking at any way we can step up as a city to support city college in their daughter
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situation. the education adviser have already started the process. i would want us to put our best creative and resourceful hats on to support the system. i also wanted to say that there has been five years of devastating cutbacks. just as we support the k-12 system or pre-k for all, we should be looking at city college as a critical bridge for many low-income communities in the city. as the board of trustees and the chancellor move forward, i want to also hope that the new coalition comes together to work with the city departments and the rest of us to be supportive of city college as a critical institution for our communities. my hope is by having this go to committee that it sparks better discussion about how we as a
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city to board of supervisors ken discussed the system. i want to thank the co-sponsors for their cosponsor ship and move forward. >> i would like to be added as a co-sponsor. supervisor campos wants to be added as well. to committee it goes. item 68. >> item 68 is a resolution urging the port commission to form a advisory committee. >> supervisor kim. >> i have a non substantive substitution to make. it merely outlines that we want a simple majority have members that our residents that are
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small business owners in mission bay and south park. and the seven other members would have expertise in the following areas. we had gotten to ensure that the minimum simple majority of the cac was residents of the nearby neighborhoods. >> she has made technical amendments. any objection to the amendments? without objection, the amendments are made. on the underlying resolution, as adopted? >> i think we excuse supervisor farrell. >> roll call vote. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted as amended. item 71. >> item 71 is a motion for establishing a process for official misconduct meeting at the board of supervisors. >> thank you, mr. president. colleagues, i pulled this item because i think it might be good for us to have a brief discussion about this. one of the points i found to be a point that deserves some consideration is how matter is presented as this moves forward. specifically, the point about the current proposal that would essentially allow each party 20
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minutes to make a presentation and it would allow the ethics committee 20 minutes to do its presentation. when we have seen this process play itself out in land use context, you have the planning department to its presentation, what usually happens is that the planning department sides with one of the parties. you have a situation where you have whatever the amount of time given to each one of the parties and to the extent that the planning department gets the same amount of time, you have more time that is ultimately used for one side or the other. i want to be mindful that to the
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extent that the ethics commission rules in one way or another, by giving them 20 minutes, are you giving one side, whatever side the ethics commission decides to agree on, more time to make the case. my hope would be that whatever is presented by the ethics committee, that would be a factual presentation, that would speak for itself. i don't know that is necessarily precluded by what is before us. that is the reason that i raise this issue. i know all of us want to be as
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fair as we possibly can. >> is there any additional discussion? are you making a motion? supervisor avalos. >> i actually concur with supervisor campos. i believe that having the ethics commission present in 20 minutes to us will create a preponderates of support from either side. i believe that having a written document from the ethics commission, that will be a product of proceedings. that will be something that will have a lot of public vetting through various media outlets.
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it would be available publicly on line before we actually go into those proceedings. that would be sufficient to have before us. a document that can engage us in discussion. either side can present their point of view if we were to take this out from the ethics commission. we could ask questions of the ethics commission as to their product. we could go onto presentations from the mayor's side and the sheriff's side. i would like to propose a motion to change that language in the
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resolution. taking out the ethics commission presentation in 20 minutes. allowing the ethics commission to answer questions they may have. >> supervisor avalos made a motion that instead of having a potential presentation of up to 20 minutes that there not be an opportunity. that is seconded by supervisor campos. >> i would like to speak to the motion a little bit. >> we have an established pattern here. we have a formal way of doing business.
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planning would make a presentation. a lot of the time is regulated. i would not have an opportunity to listen to some of the reason that the ethics commission may have. that they would be able to articulate that there written document would not reflect. their written document would not necessarily reflect. i would be interesting to -- interested to hear from the ethics commission. >> i raised this issue because, as i noted, we have a process. what we are dealing with is something that is very unique. i don't know that the same


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